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Best Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Years of Marriage

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Which Flowers to Buy for Every Anniversary

Keeping the romance alive once the honeymoon period is over is easy when you know which beautiful bouquet of flowers to buy to the one you love. Order anniversary flowers that will make your other half realise just how much you love and appreciate them. If you are unsure what kind of flowers are the most appropriate to send for your particular anniversary year, or your budget means you can only send cheap flowers, read our guide of the best wedding anniversary flowers to send depending on how long you have been married.

Gift Them Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers play a major part in any wedding and you, or your partner, will have put a lot of effort into choosing the ideal romance flowers for your big day. Why not bring back all those wonderful memories of your wedding day by having the same flowers delivered that you had at your wedding? This thoughtful gesture will delight your partner and can be used no matter how many years you have been married.

affordable-flowers-deliveredFlowers for One Year of Marriage

The traditional flower for the first wedding anniversary is the humble carnation. This sweet bloom is often overlooked as it can be considered cheap but is, in fact, a beautiful flower that can create quite an impact in a large bouquet. The carnation is associated with young love, perhaps as although the pretty full heads in bloom are delicate and pretty, they are an affordable choice for anyone trying to woo someone they love. To ensure the flowers you send arrive fresh and vibrant, opt for same-day flower delivery or next-day flower delivery.

Five Years of Marriage

Yet another milestone of marriage is when the couple has been together for five years. The joyous daisy takes centre stage here and symbolises the fun that has been had so far and perhaps also the fact that marriage is not necessarily all about romance! There are several different types and colour of daisy and so it will be easy to find at least one kind that your partner will appreciate. It is said that daisies represent fidelity and eternal love making these the perfect wedding anniversary flower.

The Ten-year Milestone

The tenth-anniversary flower is the daffodil. These bright and cheerful flowers look beautiful in a bouquet and are said to symbolise rebirth and new beginnings. This symbolises is appropriate for a decade of marriage which may have lost a little of the initial romance and can be a reminder to keep a marriage fresh by paying attention to your partner and by ensuring you reintroduce romantic gestures. Opt to send these flowers by post as buds so they can burst into flower over a short period.

rose-anniversary-bouquet-by-post15 Years of Marriage

This is quite the occasion which is why it calls for the ultimate romantic flower – the rose. Once upon a time, it was common to send a bouquet of a dozen red roses to your partner, but over the years more exotic choices have taken the place of the traditional rose. Bring back true romance by sending a stunning bouquet of red roses for your fifteenth wedding anniversary.

50 years

Should you be fortunate enough to have been married for 50 years, you will no doubt realise just how much work and commitment is required to have a successful marriage. Keep the romance alive by gifting a fine arrangement of yellow roses and violets. Two flowers are required to express the importance of this momentous occasion and the yellow rose signifies friendship and violets show that the giver’s mind is overflowing with thoughts of love.

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