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Best Flower Bouquets to Celebrate International Women's Day

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What Flower Bouquet is Best to Send on International Women's Day

International Women's Day is a global celebration of the achievements of women and is celebrated each year on 8th March. This is a time to reflect on the struggles of women for equal rights and a day to celebrate the women in your life. One way to do this is to gift flower bouquets or flower arrangements to wonderful women that you know. Discover more about this momentous day and what bouquets are best to send to loved ones this International Women's Day.

flowers for her order onlineThe Beginnings of International Women's Day

This day has been celebrated since the early 1900s as women fought against the oppression they experience worldwide. The first suggestion of a day to celebrate women internationally occurred in 1910 at the second International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen. Clara Zetkin, the leader of the Women’s Office for Germany's Social Democratic Party, put forward the idea of a day to celebrate the rights of women all over the world. It was agreed that this day should be celebrated on 19 March 1911. And the first International Women’s Day was held.

The Colours of International Women's Day

Green, purple and white were the first colours to be associated with the day as these were the colours of the UK’s Women’s Social and Political Union. Purple is a colour that is often associated with women across the globe, green symbolises hope, and white, purity. However, white with its connotations of purity is no longer associated with the day.

Have the Perfect Flowers Delivered for International Women's Day

Save time during your visit to the florist by knowing precisely what flowers you wish to gift on this day. Purple flowers are the obvious choice as this is the colour associated with women all over the world. Lilacs are popular flowers that are actually available in a variety of colours, yet are mostly known as a purple flower. The lilac flower has a variety of fragrances all of which will be pleasantly received. The delicate flowers are available at florists during the spring season, and make for a beautiful bouquet on their own, or mixed with white flowers or blooms in pastel shades. Lilacs also symbolise renewal and confidence, which are two elements that are promoted during this time of celebration.

cheap flowers by postTulips

Continuing with the purple theme, tulips in this colour look incredible. Like roses, tulips mean love and what better way to show your appreciation of women than letting them know that they are loved? Purple tulips also symbolise royalty and are therefore perfect for the Queen in your life. Purple tulips look amazing when paired with yellow flowers and a combination of these two colours creates an eye-catching bouquet. Should you like the notion of still including white in the colour scheme, white tulips symbolise forgiveness and would be appropriate if you are reaching out to a female friend you have drifted apart from due to an argument.


If you want to highlight the green element of International Women's Day, you may prefer to gift a plant, rather than a bouquet of flowers. The Daffodil is the birth flower of March which is when International Women's Day is celebrated. Send a beautiful container of daffodil bulbs that have not yet flowered for a unique, meaningful gift. Alternatively, choose a bouquet that includes plenty of greenery alongside bursts of colour.

Whatever bouquet you select, ensure you send your bouquet in time for International Women's Day by choosing next day or same-day flower delivery, so you don't miss the opportunity to celebrate the women in your life.

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