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All About Yellow Calla Lilies

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One of the classiest choices of a bridal bouquet is made of yellow calla lilies – with its long stems and cheerful blooms, it is just a joy to watch. This pretty flower is splendid, ceremonial and cheerful. It has a special charm and beauty, which brings happiness to the big day. On its own or paired with other flowers, the yellow calla lily is truly magnificent and the perfect choice for variety of events.

It originates from South Africa and some of the most popular yellow species of calla lilies are Black Eyed Beauty, Captain Amigo, Black Magic, Peach Chiffon, Sunrise, Starlight, Lemon Drop and Sensation. The yellow calla lily has to be planted at a sunny spot in the garden in order to get a full sun exposure during its growth. It grows up to 40 inches tall and the perfect soil for it is well-drained, moist and rich at all times. The yellow calla lily blooms from the early days of summer until August. You will need flowering food to feed the bulbs or seeds every three weeks. The flowers need to be kept wet and under the sun. After the blooming season the flower should be left to dry out, preserved in a cool place and replanted in spring again.

The yellow calla lily symbolizes magnificent beauty. It is above all a cheerful flower which brings light and happiness to any room or event. It also has a religious meaning. The yellow calla lily is associated with the resurrection of Jesus and with Virgin Mary as well. The shape of its blooms remind of a trumpet which announces good news. It is often given to parents of a newborn baby, to recent graduates and on birthdays too. The yellow calla lilies come in a variety of shades: dark orange, pale pink and even red. In the flower industry the calla lily is used in all sorts of arrangements and bouquets, favored for its versatility. The timeless beauty of the yellow calla lily makes it a popular choice for spring and summer weddings. In centerpieces, bouquets, garlands, boutonnieres and corsages – the yellow calla lily brings joy to the eye and shows an extremely good taste. Paired with burgundy orchids, purple lilies, peachy roses or white calla lilies, the yellow stands out and signifies happiness and the bright new beginning for the married couple. If you want to surprise a friend or a significant other, buy them a bouquet of yellow calla lilies – the long stems and the bright colour make a superb combination. Wrapped in an organza bow, the bouquet will shine and impress its recipient. The yellow calla lily pairs best with orchids and roses, as well as with fresh greenery.

When planting calla lilies allow about 4 inches between them and water them regularly. As cut flowers, the yellow calla lilies should be kept in a cool place at home, away from sunlight and sources of heat. These pretty flowers are great for almost any occasion – Easter, Halloween, Mother’s Day, birthdays and weddings and even funerals. The calla lily is versatile and the yellow colour is almost a neutral shade which looks simple, yet very attractive. It is a true florist’s jewel – stylish and attractive – you simply can’t go wrong with choosing this flower.

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