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All about Red Gerberas

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Gerberas, or gerbera daisies are some of the most famous and recognized flowers in the world. With their bright colours, long stems and big petals, they make beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements. Everyone loves a gerbera daisy, because it’s a joyous and pretty flower which has a unique charm and simplicity. If you want to impress the person you love, give them a bouquet of red gerberas. Who says only the red rose has to be treated as a romantic flower? The gerbera daisy in a bright red colour is just as romantic and attractive, sometimes even more. You can mix it with pink or other red flowers, and the effect will be lovely. A red gerbera flower can be given in a bouquet or you can give a single flower with a silk ribbon. It is so versatile that you can give it to your mother, a friend, a significant other or even a teacher.

The name of the gerbera originates from South America, Africa, Madagascar and Tropical Asia. It is also known as African Daisy and it was named after a German naturalist from the 18th century. Red gerberas are beautiful flowers to grow in one’s garden – they create spectacular flowerbeds and make perfect borders. If you want a cheerful and attractive garden that catches everyone’s attention in the neighborhood, the red gerbera is definitely the right kind of flower for that purpose. You can plant it along with pink, orange and yellow ones and the effect will be dazzling. The red gerberas usually reach up to 45 cm in height. The perfect soil for them is rich in organic material, very well-drained and moist. Moreover, the gerberas love full sun exposure for at least 5 hours every day, as well as some partial shade in the afternoon, after they have bloomed. Their leaves are rich in colour just like their blooms – with a funky shape and curly edges. The red gerbera is a perennial flower when growing in a warm area and an annual one when growing throughout winter too. Their natural blooming period is in spring, but nowadays you can buy a red gerbera flower from a florist’s all year long anywhere in the world. The flowers need plenty of water, but make sure the soil is dry before you water them again. Remove dead heads every time you notice any. Some of the most popular species of red gerberas are the Cooper Tin and the Coral Gerbera Daisy.

The red gerbera is a symbol of passion, love and desire which makes it a popular choice for Valentine’s Day and all sorts of romantic occasions. If your significant other is not a fan of the classical red rose, get them a bouquet of beautiful red gerbera daisies – they are just as beautiful and expressive as roses, if not more. Arrangements with red gerberas look marvelous, especially in baskets or floating in crystal round bowls. These arrangements are also popular as sympathy flowers, expressing the feeling of loss and grief. Combined with lilies, carnations and roses, the red gerberas can adorn a wedding and grab everyone’s attention. The red gerbera is a vibrant flower, filled with deep meaning and passion. It shows good taste and a love for life which is great at a wedding or other happy occasions.

The cut red gerberas are quite easy to maintain – pick a clean vase and pour some fresh water. You can add a cube of sugar to revive them if they start withering. With good care you can enjoy the beauty of these flowers for up to two weeks.

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