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All About Black Roses

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Roses are the most popular flowers in the world and they are grown in every country and available throughout the year. Roses are the top romantic flowers and especially red and pink roses are bought for romantic purposes the most. However, the rose has a variety of colours available, each with its own beauty and symbolism. Black roses are not in fact black, as this colour does not exist in nature. They are called black because they are a very dark shade of purple or red. Of course florists dye roses with black paint to create a similar effect. Black roses are truly enchanting, they have a touch of mystery and glamour which makes them inexplicably magnificent and attractive. When someone goes to a floral shop to buy a bouquet of flowers or a single cut flower, a black rose is not their top choice, but black has its special purposes for various events. In terms of growing and care, black roses need full sunlight for at least six hours a day while growing. They reach about 4 feet in height and love well-drained and loose soil, which has lots of nutrients. This is the perfect environment for black roses to blossom beautifully. The good thing about these roses is that they bloom throughout the year, but you need to care for them properly or they won’t develop nicely. Plant the black roses away from the trees in the garden and fertilize them twice a year – in spring and midsummer. There are plenty of black roses species which you can plant in your garden: Oklahoma, The Prince, Taboo, Black Beauty, Black Jade, Mr. Lincoln, Tuscany Superb and many more.

Black roses have a sordid feel to them for they symbolize hatred, farewell and death. The history of the black rose is rather mystical. For ages, people have associated black roses with dark magic and witchcraft. Black roses also signify revenge, so be careful when you chose the colour. Black roses are usually used for funerals as they are unhappy and dark, so they denote the feeling of lost and sorrow. They are also used for Halloween decorations. Black roses are often mixed with carnations, lilies, gerbera daisies and roses in orange for Halloween. For expressing sorrow you can mix black and white roses and for a dramatic effect black can be paired with bright red. In fact, despite the reputation of black roses as gloomy and negative, they are used for bridal bouquets and for wedding decorations. The classic black and white theme or the retro look are easily accomplished by decorating the venue with black roses and other dark flowers, mixed with cream and ivory ones. If you believe that this theme is what you want for your wedding, then the black rose doesn’t have to symbolize death and negative feelings. You can get a round bouquet of black roses with some snapdragons or with white calla lilies and orchids. The result will be stunning and everyone will turn their heads. When growing black roses you don’t have to pay that much attention on a daily basis, but make sure the area is not overcrowded and you prune and clean the dying leaves regularly. Cut black roses should be placed in a vase away from full sun exposure. If you take good care of them they can stay alive in the vase for up to two weeks.

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