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A Few Interesting Facts About Flowers

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Just like human beings are completely different from one another the very same rule applies for flowers also. Flowers differ by their colours, blossoms, scents, leaves shapes, the way they are planted, the conditions they best grow in, etc. Undoubtedly, the one common thing between all of the different flower types is their beauty and the feeling of freshness and comfort they carry with themselves. The following lines are aiming at giving you a few interesting while not very popular facts about flowers.

1.    Pollen
The pollen seeds of every flower give scientists very useful information about the flower origin and specifications. It is not exaggerated to say that flowers pollen has the very same function for flowers as finger prints have for people.

2.    Scent
Flowers scent attracts bees and other insects that help the flower pollen spread. Recent researches show that flowers that are white in colour attract more easily butterflies rather than any other insects and bugs. And if the flower has unpleasant scent – most likely it will attract flies. Flowers with blue, violet or yellow colours are preferred by bees.

3.    Change in flowers colours
Some flowers, like hydrangea for example can change their colours from pink to blue and vice versa depending on the level of pH in the soil they are planted in. Acid soils are the reason for the blue colour while alkaline soils make flowers grow in pink colour.

4.    Growing
The seeds of some flowers are extremely difficult to grow and as a result they might stay for years in an inert condition. When extreme conditions happen such as extremely high temperatures in case of fire, their shells will crack. During the fire the leaves that are on the ground burn out and help the cracked shells reach the soil where they can grow.

5.    Interesting fact about flowers kinds
Snowdrop is the flower of spring, it is the first flower to grow where there is snow outside and the winter has not left yet. It is believed that the first snowdrops appeared when Adam and Eve left the Gardens of Eden. Eve was desperate because of her guilty. As it was snowing at the time, a few snowflakes turned into flowers, to give her hope and courage. This is the reason why snowdrop is said to be the flower of hope. Crocus is another spring flower. It is a symbol of youth, joy and cheerful mood. One of the most expensive and popular all over the world spice is prepared of crocus – saffron. Tulips symbolise wealth, beauty, spring, they are the Persian symbol for perfect love and the symbol of Amsterdam. Tulips grow in almost every colour with the exception of the blue range. Lily-of-the-valley is a symbol of humility. There are a few legends of how the flower first appeared however the two most popular ones are that the flower first grew from the tears of the Virgin Mary who cried over her son’s body. Another legend says that it was actually the tears of Eve who cried while leaving the Gardens of Eden.

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