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8 Beautiful Summer Flowers That Beat The Heat

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Sensational Summer Flowers

As wonderful as it is to bask in the summer sun, some flowers just can’t hack it. Florists the world over will tell you that some flowers need a lot more care than others during hotter weather, but if you aren’t an expert florist, what can be done? Discover which flowers will enjoy the heat and make your garden look as beautiful as can be when you take a look at our top 8 beautiful summer flowers that beat the heat and look sensational.

Send Summer FlowersCabbage Palm

The Cordyline Australis, or, as it is more commonly known, the Cabbage Palm or Cabbage Tree is renowned for being drought-resistant and an excellent choice for hot summer gardens. Although primarily green and leafy, they do sometimes produce small, scented flowers.

Limestone Houseleek

Unusual in appearance and very hardy, this plant produces flowers between June and August and can withstand the heat very well. Reluctant gardeners will be pleased to learn that this plant can take being neglected and therefore requires little, or no work at all, merely visit your local flower shop and plant in borders, pots or crevices.

French Lavender

A beautiful and fragrant plant, lavender is a wonderful drought-resistant plant to have in your garden. French lavender attracts bees and butterflies meaning you can turn your garden or yard into a stop-off for the local wildlife.

Hot Lips

With such a striking name you would expect a striking flower and you would not be disappointed. The Salvia James’s produces red and white flowers from July to October and releases a delightful scent. Anybody would be ecstatic to receive a flower delivery of these blooms.

Send Flowers OnlineVerbena

These stunning purple flowers adore the heat and welcome 8-10 hours of sunshine a day. Verbena does not require much water either and so can withstand the UK summers that sometimes lack rainfall. The flowers look amazing tucked in a bouquet with other blooms so consider purchasing these at flower shops the next time you need a gift for a friend or relative.


These flower in various colours and are a cheerful bloom that looks beautiful in a summer garden and in the summer home. Best planted in spring, dahlia do require a little attention and so if you just want to appreciate the flowers but not plant them yourself, have the flowers delivered via same day flower delivery or next day flower delivery to make the most of them in your home.


Asters enjoy partial or full exposure to sun and are available in a variety of colours. This flower is the perfect choice for those who have no time to tend to their garden as they can withstand very hot weather and require little water.

Big Blue

For a bold statement flower, go for the Big Blue. With its spiky, thistle-like appearance the Big Blue, or Eryngium, is a beautiful flower which boasts a blue stem, a bulbous regal head and sharp, yet elegant leaves.

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