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5 Easy Steps for Setting a Wedding Date

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Wedding Bridal BouquetsCongratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Now you are engaged, and you will be eager to get planning the perfect wedding. One of the most important elements of planning a wedding is deciding what date it will be. Many factors need to be taken into consideration to land on the ideal date. Before you get yourself into a tizz, take a look at our top five tips. These five steps will help you decide on the right date for you, making planning your wedding that much easier.

1. Talk about Important Dates

You and your partner will undoubtedly have dates that mean more to you than others. It could be the date you met, the date you got engaged, or even a birthday. You may even like the idea of getting married on a memorable date like 12/12/21 or 22/2/22. Discuss these dates, their importance and how essential it is your wedding to take place on one of these important dates. You will need to take into account that just because you want the wedding to occur on one of these dates, that other factors may mean this can’t happen.

2. Choosing a Season

Wedding Flowers DeliveredIf you have dreamed of your big day for as long as you can remember, you will have a clear picture of how it will look. Perhaps you desire an outdoor summertime wedding complete with wildflower bouquets and an aisle strewn with seasonal flower arrangements. You may be more enamoured with the thought of a Christmas wedding that features a colour theme of golds, reds and greens. The season you choose could be more important than you think, especially if you have your heart set on certain flowers. Seasonal flowers will be cheaper, and therefore if you on a budget you will need to consider this fact carefully. Browsing online flower shops will give you a good idea of prices of bouquets for each season. Besides thinking about cheap flowers, you will also want to consider your guests. This means considering if an outdoor wedding in July will be best for those with allergies and guests prone to sunburn. You can of course still hold your outdoor wedding during the summer months, but you will want to make sure your guests are as comfortable as possible.

3. Avoid clashing with other dates

One of the problems with selecting a spring or summertime date for your wedding is that these are popular seasons. It is important to check that the date you choose doesn’t clash with anyone else’s already booked wedding date. There may be other parties and important occasions taking place too, so check with family and friends before committing to a date. However, it is equally important not to get too entwined in trying to suit everybody. This means that if you are set on a particular date, you must be prepared to resign yourself to the fact that you may miss out on somebody else’s celebration.

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